The Progression of the Frank/ Walt Portrait

I recently finished this split portrait of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey’s character from House of Cards) and Walter White (Bryan Cranston’s character from Breaking Bad). This was a ton of fun!

Still Life Practice!

I’m currently taking a break from portraits and trying out a still life for the first time in months. I’m liking it so far, however I have no idea what time of day… Continue reading

Latest Commission Haul & General Life Update

Hey all! The last couple months I’ve had a great time learning about all the joys that come with moving across the country. We put all of our favorite possessions from Rochester, NY… Continue reading

Deal With It Greeting Card

I had the idea a little too late (for Valentine’s Day) that I should try to put my basic understanding of pop-up books to use in conjunction with my watercolors. The result was… Continue reading

Better Late than Never: Artist Row 2014

  On Sunday, September 14th, I participated in Rochester’s 10th annual Artist Row. I was a hectic fall, and I’ve had this post saved as a draft for far too long, but I… Continue reading

Finishing up my latest commission!

  Here are some progress photos. This piece is almost done and I just couldn’t wait to share it!

Finally finished this painting. Can’t even remember when I started.

I started practicing pet portraits. 5×7 watercolor and gauche

The Painting Journey of Peaches, the Guardian of Hell

I just had my first solo exhibit at Shaw Galleries!

If you’re not familiar, here is there website: And here are some photos of the lay out of the show