Still Life Practice!

I’m currently taking a break from portraits and trying out a still life for the first time in months. I’m liking it so far, however I have no idea what time of day the finished product will actually reflect. Here are some progress pictures!

Latest Commission Haul & General Life Update

Hey all! The last couple months I’ve had a great time learning about all the joys that come with moving across the country. We put all of our favorite possessions from Rochester, NY into a u-haul pod, gave it a hug, and hoped really hard that nothing would break before we were reunited in Seattle, WA a month later.

In the meantime, we lived out of suitcases for 4 1/2 weeks while we visited family on the east coast for the holidays. I was extremely grateful to also be landing commissions while I had all this down time. I look forward to being better prepared for the next holiday season so I can help even more people with gifts for their loved ones. Take a look at what I have done for people recently!

Deal With It Greeting Card

I had the idea a little too late (for Valentine’s Day) that I should try to put my basic understanding of pop-up books to use in conjunction with my watercolors. The result was this kitten card, playing off of those always entertaining “deal with it” memes. I still have some kinks to work out, but I hope to someday soon have a whole collection of these listed and ready to sell.

image image

I have a video of the card in action on my Facebook here.

Better Late than Never: Artist Row 2014

  On Sunday, September 14th, I participated in Rochester’s 10th annual Artist Row.

I was a hectic fall, and I’ve had this post saved as a draft for far too long, but I got a minute to put up some pictures from the event I participated in back in September.

This was my first experience with showing my artwork in the close space of a tent. So when I was accepted into the show, I immediately got to work on expanding my inventory, and focused on doing smaller works.




























I basically spent my days painting and trying to fill a wall in our studio apartment. The date of the show quickly approached and I packaged, framed, and priced everything I could get my hands on.


photo 5

We arrived at a quiet scene in the Market around 8:00 am.  unpacked the car, put up the tent, and I began hanging up dozens of small watercolors while my boyfriend dashed back to the apartment for folding chairs (which proved to be important for an 8-hour day.)

photo 1

photo 4

I was relieved to find that I certainly wasn’t lacking in inventory, and instead needed to carefully arrange everything to fit inside my 10×10 space!

After arranging, and rearranging, I parked myself in the back of the tent, coffee in hand, and tried not to appear too eager.

The day passed by quickly as we drank our hot drinks and  chatted with show goers and fellow booth-ers.  We ate breakfast sandwiches from food trucks and I was tempted to eat funnel cake at far too early an hour. I met some wonderful people who said lovely things about my work and eventually it was time to pack everything up.

We collapsed our tables and failed to fit all the tent parts back in the bag while neighbors chatted about the turn out and exchanged business cards. It was such an encouraging experience; I can’t wait to tackle any future opportunities I have to fill a tent with all of my latest works of art!