Oil Painting started Aug 29th, finished September 3rd

Watercolor Painting Finished 8/27

The lighting varies a lot between these photos, so bear with me

Latest Oil Painting! shoes! August 11th-20th

Latest Oil Painting! I think I’ll call it “I Might Be Getting The Hang of This”

I just put work up at Delanie’s Coffee in the South Side of Pittsburgh!

Delanie’s is a fantastic little coffee place that was nice enough to let me take over a little bit. Go check it out!

We’re doing some maintenance.

I apologize in advance if the site goes down, it will only be temporary and it will be coming back looking better than ever. 

There was a short write up about me in the University News!

here’s a link to the article


I have some products listed on this website! feel free to peruse http://society6.com/CourtneyKoslof

The process on my last painting

I returned to using masking fluid with my watercolors because I love peeling it off so much! ¬†Here are some of the progress shots. You can see it in person in my Senior… Continue reading

Currently hanging my Senior Show!

This Thursday and Friday is the opening for the Fine Art Studio Senior Exhibition at Gallery r in downtown Rochester! I’m incredibly excited, though hanging a show is proving to be a bit… Continue reading