I have some products listed here

I love animals! If you want any kind of pet portrait done, feel free to contact me through my email below. Mediums available: pastel, watercolor, and oil.

Pricing: (all unframed, unmatted. Can be matted and/or framed for additional cost)


5×7 watercolor- $65

6×6 watercolor- $75

8×10 watercolor- $100-120

12×12 watercolor- $145-165

11×14 watercolor- $155-185

16×20 watercolor- $200-235

18×24 watercolor- $250-300

20×28 watercolor- $325-400

*Watercolor paper can be stretched onto bars which can hang on the wall, unframed,  just like a canvas!


8×10 pastel- $120- 145

11×14 pastel- $155-200

16×20 pastel- $225- 300

18×24 pastel- $375- 450

20×28 pastel- $500-575


11×14 oil- $215-250

12×12 oil- $230-275

16×20 oil- $310-400

18×24 oil- $600- 725

*Oils will be on canvas that can be hung without a frame. Watercolors and Pastels will be on fine art acid-free paper.

**All sizes are standard frame sizes to keep the cost of framing and matting down if you choose to do it yourself!

*****These prices are estimates for pieces with one figure and a simple background. Email me to talk about a price for your idea! 

If you are interested in purchasing anything you see on my website, you can contact me here:

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